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After a Burn or Fire Injury

You can try to get a fair settlement from the at-fault party’s insurer, but the most likely outcome if you pursue them without legal help, is a lowball settlement offer, or even an outright denial. By working with an experienced burn/fire injury law firm in Florida, like Elstein Legal, you are giving your case the best chance possible of recovering fair compensation for your damages.

Effects Of Burn Injuries In Florida

Severe burns are often the result of serious accidents, though not exclusively. Many times, a car, truck, motorcycle, or another vehicle can catch fire or even explode if damaged in an accident. There are incidents where a serious enough mechanical or electrical failure can cause vapors to ignite and combust. If a property or real estate catches on fire, it could be the result of poor wiring or even arson.

No matter the cause of the injuries, burns frequently need extensive and invasive procedures to help them real and the victims recover. These surgeries and procedures can take months and even years to complete fully, with additional physical therapy needed to maintain or regain movement. There are often permanent disfigurements or amputations needed due to tissue damage. In addition to all of the physical agony and suffering, there is a very severe psychological trauma that may take many years to work through, if it can be overcome at all.

Liability For Florida Burn/Fire Injuries

Victims of injuries can pursue a personal injury claim against the party who is deemed at fault for the accident. This fault will usually need to be proved to be negligence by demonstrating the duty, the breach of that duty, the accident, and the injuries that resulted. This is a process your attorney will be familiar with and will be something they are highly skilled at. 
Since Florida uses comparative negligence, there is the possibility that if you were found to have any small bit of negligence that contributed to the accident, your settlement entitlement would be reduced by a proportionate amount. This means there can technically be several parties at fault, and you could still recover compensation.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Healing and recovering from serious burns is enough to worry about without trying to navigate the complex and frustrating claims process. By working with an expert personal injury attorney like Brian L. Elstein, you are gaining an extremely powerful ally in your fight for damage recovery. Attorney Elstein will be your advocate at each stage of the process, and if your case needs to advance to litigation he will be by your side in court as well. Contact us today.

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