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After a Florida Lyft Accident

You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other such losses if you’re ever harmed in a Florida Lyft accident. However, because these cases are often more complex than others, you should coordinate with a Florida Lyft accident lawyer at Elstein Legal to optimize your chances of collecting all the compensation you’re owed.

Essential Information about Florida Lyft Accident Cases

Florida’s “no-fault” insurance laws require victims’ own insurance companies to compensate them after auto accidents. If you’re involved in a Florida Lyft accident, your insurer will typically be the first party from whom you seek compensation.

However, your insurance company will do its best to limit how much compensation they actually pay out. Sometimes insurance companies even deny claims altogether when they feel they can justify doing so. A Florida personal injury lawyer will help you guard against such tactics.

They’ll also play an essential role even if your insurance company does agree to offer fair compensation after a Florida Lyft accident. For instance, because insurance companies are notorious for delaying to pay claimants, an attorney can pressure your insurer to pay out the agreed-upon sum promptly.

It’s also worth noting that your insurance company will only pay out up to your policy limits. That might not be enough to fully compensate you for all your losses.

Luckily, depending on the nature of your case, a Florida personal injury law firm could help you seek compensation from the parties whose negligence caused the accident. They’ll gather the necessary evidence to establish that your injuries meet certain criteria that justify doing so.

Again, if you decide to seek compensation from Lyft or a driver after being injured in a Florida Lyft accident, the case can be very nuanced and complex. For example, if a Lyft driver caused the accident, but they weren’t technically operating as a driver for Lyft when the accident occurred, your best strategy may be to seek compensation from their own insurance. If they were driving for Lyft at the time of the accident, but they hadn’t picked up a passenger yet, you may receive limited compensation from Lyft’s policy. You can pursue greater compensation directly from Lyft if the driver had a passenger in the vehicle when the accident happened.

The right strategy for your case might not be right for another. Your Florida Lyft accident attorney will thoroughly consider all relevant factors to determine the best way to proceed.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Prioritize experience when you need a Lyft accident law firm in Florida. Attorney Brian L. Elstein doesn’t merely claim he has the qualifications necessary to offer aggressive representation. Having spent years defending personal injury claims at another major Florida law firm, he genuinely knows how to effectively pursue the compensation you deserve. To learn more about how Elstein Legal can help in your Florida Lyft accident case, schedule a free consultation today.

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