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Essential Information about Florida Slip & Fall Accidents> Why Choose Elstein Legal?>

Essential Information about Florida Slip & Fall Accidents

A slip and fall may not sound like a significant accident. However, the consequences of such accidents are often more severe than many people assume. The CDC actually reports that one out of every five falling accidents will cause serious injury to those involved.
It’s important that property owners take steps to protect guests and employees from hazards that could otherwise cause such accidents. This is the basis of premises liability laws. Under Florida law, a property owner must reasonably attempt to ensure they’re aware of hazards that may cause Florida slip and fall accidents. As soon as they become aware of any hazards, they must address them immediately.

Florida slip and fall accidents happen when property owners or managers neglect this responsibility. The following are just a few examples of scenarios in which a slip and fall accident may occur:

  • After mopping a floor, an employee doesn’t put up a sign saying the floor is wet. You walk over it and slip as a result.
  • A property owner hasn’t installed sufficient outdoor lighting in their parking lot. Thus, when walking through the lot at night, it’s too dark for you to see an obstruction, and you trip over it.
  • Food or other items have fallen or spilled on the floor at a grocery store. No one cleaned them up promptly, and you slipped or tripped over them.
  • You slipped on a wet bathroom floor in your hotel room because no one has bothered to fix a leaking pipe.

Consult with a personal injury law firm in Florida if you’re ever harmed in this type of accident. A Florida slip and fall attorney will play a crucial role in helping you pursue compensation. A slip and fall injury law firm in Florida will help you investigate the accident to prove it was caused by a hazard that someone should have addressed before your slip and fall happened, calculate the amount of compensation to which you’re entitled, and negotiate with the insurance company, who will otherwise try to convince you to accept lowball offers.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

When you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you, experience matters. That’s why you should choose Elstein Legal. Before starting his own firm, attorney Brian L. Elstein spent years defending personal injury claims at another major law firm. He now leverages that experience to help clients like you collect the compensation to which they’re entitled. To start discussing your Florida slip and fall case, schedule your free consultation today.

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