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South Florida Slip & Fall Accident Causes

So how can a slip and fall occur? Slip and falls can happen around:

  • Liquids, either spilled or dropped or other “transient substances” on smooth floors
  • Food or other trash or debris on the floor, whether carpeted or tiled
  • Grading irregularities, like uneven floors, cracked or missing tiles, cracked concrete
  • Unsecured rugs and carpeting edges
  • Clutter or display merchandise 
  • Shifting floor coverings like runners or weather mats near entrances

In the state of Florida, property owners have a duty to keep their properties in a condition that is considered safe and clean. This means they must be vigilant and must evaluate the condition of their property regularly. Failing to do this may be classified as neglect, and could result in accidents and injuries. These injuries can create extensive medical bills and can lead to missed work and lost wages. An experienced personal injury firm in South Florida like Elstein Legal can help you with a claim to recover those damages.

What Makes A Solid Case For Slip And Fall Injuries In South Florida?

To have the best chance at recovering compensation for your damages after a slip and fall injury, you will generally have to prove four things in order to have a cohesive case. You will need to prove:

  • The property where the accident occurred was open to the public, or that you were otherwise invited to be on the property.
  • There was some debris, refuse, liquid, or another hazard on the floor or floor covering which was responsible for the fall.
  • The hazard that caused the accident was not created immediately before the accident. It must have been there long enough for someone to notice the hazard and to have been negligent in cleaning it up.
  • Your injury must be a direct result of the accident. This condition may also be fulfilled if the fall aggravated or made worse an existing injury or ailment.

How Can Elstein Legal Help My Case?

If you were recently injured in a slip and fall at a store or other business establishment, you may be entitled to compensation. The problem is, the claims process is complex and frustrating, especially for someone trying to heal and recover from a painful accident. Elstein Legal can help you by being your ally in the fight for fair compensation.

They will be your advocate during the stressful settlement negotiations with the insurance adjuster, making sure they do not take advantage of you. If they refuse to settle, and your case advances to litigation, like in PEARCE v. PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS, then Brian L. Elstein will be by your side in the courtroom as well.

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