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South Florida Train Accident Resources

Operation Lifesaver reports that in 2019 there were a total of 135 collisions between automobiles and trains. These collisions produced 54 injuries and 24 fatalities. The conditions of accidents between automobiles and trains are extremely severe and make a fatality more than 20 times more likely to occur than in an accident between one vehicle and another.

Many times the authorities on the scene will assume the driver was at fault for being on the tracks. They may have stopped on the tracks unknowingly, or they may have been stuck in traffic waiting for a light to change. Occasionally it can be the fault of the driver, however, this is not always the case.

What We’re Taught As Students

As student drivers, we are taught to only cross railway crossings in a safe and efficient manner, no matter the circumstance. The drivers’ education courses teach the minimum safe stopping distances during train approaches, but sometimes even the most careful and considerate drivers can be caught in circumstances they cannot control. If the train operator or the train company is operating recklessly or negligently, you as a victim may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

South Florida Train Accident Damages One Can Seek Compensation For

Florida law will allow victims of railway accidents and injuries to seek compensation for damages suffered and economic losses incurred. If you had injuries that required hospitalization, you may be able to claim your medical bills, the lost wages from the missed work while you were incapacitated, any projected or anticipated future care including surgeries, physical therapy, and rehab.

Bringing a claim against a railway company can be exceedingly complex, depending on the scenario and circumstances surrounding the accident. Working with an experienced personal injury firm like Elstein Legal can give your claim its best chance at recovering compensation.

Why Choose Elstein Legal After a South Florida Train Accident?

Bringing a personal injury claim is a complex and frustrating process, particularly against large entities like railway companies. By working with a qualified attorney, you join with a powerful ally who brings invaluable professional experience to your case. Brian L. Elstein will know how to build a very strong claim, and how to present that claim most effectively at each stage of the process. He will be your advocate during the settlement talks with the insurance company and in the courtroom if your case needs to be heard by a judge.

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