$4,000,000.00 Settlement

Confidential Settlement on behalf of Hollywood film producer against a fortune 500 financial institution.

$1,000,000.00 Settlement

A settlement for a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent Lyft driver. Lyft offered $300,000.00 pre-suit and tendered their $1,000,000.00 policy four months after filing a lawsuit.

$725,000.00 Settlement

A combined settlement for two young car accident victims suffering spinal injuries requiring surgery.

$570,000.00 Settlement

Confidential settlement on behalf of a driver and passenger involved in a T-bone collision after a careless driver ran a red light. $145,000.00 was offered by the insurance company pre-suit and Elstein Legal recovered $570,000.00 after filing a lawsuit.

$475,000.00 Settlement

Medical Malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and multiple physicians for their failure to diagnose and properly treat an ankle wound requiring surgery.

$400,000.00 Settlement

A wrongful death claim for nursing home negligence brought by the family of an elderly woman who passed away after developing sepsis as a result of a perforated colon.

$385,000.00 Settlement

A settlement for a motor vehicle accident resulting in multiple leg injuries. The accident was cause by the negligent design of a parking lot located at Trump National Doral. The client previously made a significant recovery with a prior attorney from his uninsured motorist coverage benefits.

$300,000.00 Settlement

A land dispute case with partition, tortious interference and fraud claims against a common owner of commercial property.

$275,000.00 Settlement

A medical negligence case against a physician that misdiagnosed a vertebral fracture.

$260,000.00 Settlement

The client sustained Injuries to his neck after a large commercial patio umbrella fell on him at a Miami Beach Resort.

$250,000.00 Settlement

The client sustained an ankle injury at work due to a negligent forklift operator in a warehouse accident.

$250,000.00 Settlement

A legal malpractice lawsuit against client’s former attorney, who mishandled a criminal medicare fraud investigation against the client.


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