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Miami Product Liability Cases: What You Need to Know

You can pursue compensation from a negligent party in a Miami product liability case for several reasons. They include the following:

  • You were injured as a result of a design defect that rendered a product unreasonably dangerous. The product’s designers are responsible for compensating you through their insurance if the defect existed despite the product matching their intended design.
  • Sometimes, a product’s design is free of defects, but a manufacturing error results in a dangerous product. In this case, the manufacturer is the liable party.
  • Marketing defects can also provide the grounds for filing a Miami product liability claim or lawsuit If those responsible for marketing a product failed to adequately warn consumers of risks associated with using it.

You may be entitled to compensation for a range of losses if defects or errors such as these caused you to sustain injuries. Along with compensation for financial losses, such as medical bills, you may also be entitled to compensation for non-financial losses, such as pain and suffering.

However, if you work with the liable party’s insurance company directly, securing the compensation to which you’re entitled may be a challenge. The following are just some ways they might defend themselves when you file a claim:

  • You injured yourself because you used the product in a manner that wasn’t intended by the designers and/or manufacturers.
  • You were aware of certain risks when using a product.
  • The product’s defect wasn’t the actual cause of your injury.

For instance, when seeking compensation, you may have to prove that you were using the product as intended, but you were nevertheless injured. This is much easier to do when you coordinate with a personal injury law firm in Miami. A Miami product liability lawyer will help you collect evidence to support your version of the story.

Your Miami product liability attorney will also have access to the resources needed to conduct a thorough investigation. It’s not always clear who was negligent when a defective product causes injury. A lawyer can help you determine whether the negligent party was the designer, manufacturer, or marketing team, ensuring you pursue compensation from the appropriate parties.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

When you need a product liability law firm in Miami that delivers results, you need to know you’re hiring experts with thorough experience. That’s what Elstein Legal offers. Attorney Brian L. Elstein started this firm after spending years handling personal injury cases at another major Miami law firm. He also has a proven track record of securing millions of dollars in compensation for past clients. Start today by scheduling a free consultation.

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