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After a Motorcycle Accident in Miami> What Injuries Are Common To Miami Motorcycle Accidents?> What You Should Do Immediately After A Miami Motorcycle Accident> Why Is Working With Elstein Legal The Smart Move?>

After a Motorcycle Accident in Miami

That is important to remember when dealing with personal injury claims that are the result of accidents on a motorcycle because it can affect the victim’s ability to recover compensation for their injuries and damages. After a crash, you have to focus on healing and recovery, so you should contact a leading motorcycle accident firm like Elstein Legal to discuss the details of your case. They can help you understand your legal options and counsel you on how to proceed with them.

Being on a motorcycle means you are at a much higher risk of serious injury since you do not have a protective structure around you like in an automobile. If you’re involved in a crash while on a motorcycle, you could end up with incredibly severe injuries, some that may even be permanent.

What Injuries Are Common To Miami Motorcycle Accidents?

Common injuries in a motorcycle crash include brain injuries, broken bones, fractures, dislocations, soft tissue damage like road rash and lacerations, and even disfigurement and mutilation. The hospitalization and treatment required for many of these can leave you in financial ruin and destroy your life. Working with a qualified local Miami firm like Elstein Legal can help you recover more of the compensation you deserve.

What You Should Do Immediately After A Miami Motorcycle Accident

If you were just in an accident, you should try to remember to do a few things as soon as possible to protect both you and your potential injury claim. You should:

  • Get the contact and insurance info for the other drivers, but do not discuss the accident or fault.
  • Ask witnesses for contact info and statements.
  • Document the accident scene with pictures. The vehicles, the surroundings, even your damaged personal property.
  • Get a medical evaluation immediately, even if you do not feel like you need it. This will help prove your injuries. If prescribed treatments or follow-up appointments do not skip, cancel, or reschedule them.

Why Is Working With Elstein Legal The Smart Move?

You can do the paperwork and file your claim alone, but then it’s you against the insurance company and they save millions every year by taking advantage of victims without legal representation. They will lowball you knowing you can’t do much about it, or they’ll run the clock out. Brian Elstein will fight hard for you at every stage. Not only will he be your expert negotiator during the initial settlement talks, but if you need to litigate, he’ll be at your side in court. 

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