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Miami Pedestrian Accident Resources

Being a pedestrian hit by a car can have devastating and life-changing injuries. There is only minimal protection against the force of the vehicle, and if they survive there is sure to be a hard road of recovery and healing ahead of them. Many pedestrians that are struck by vehicles suffer permanent disability and loss of ability to work, permanent disfigurement, and other challenges they will face for the rest of their lives.
Luckily, even in no-fault states like Florida, there are laws in place that will allow you to seek compensation for the injuries and damages you’ve suffered. You probably have an incredible amount of medical bills, plus your lost wages from missed work, and even your pain and suffering. By working with an experienced team of attorneys, like the ones at Elstein Legal, you give your claim its best chance at recovering the greatest amount of compensation you may be legally entitled to.

Rights And Responsibilities Of Pedestrians In Miami

In the majority of scenarios in Florida, pedestrians will have the right of way when legally crossing the street. This applies whether or not there are traffic control devices present, such as stop signs, lights, crossing signals, or even crosswalks if the pedestrian has already begun crossing. On the other hand, pedestrians are required to yield to vehicles if they have not yet stepped into the street.

Can I Be Partially To Blame?

Yes, you can. In the state of Florida, the liability laws utilize a concept known as contributory negligence in conjunction with their comparative fault framework. If you are found to be partially at fault, your claim can be reduced by a similar amount. For example, if your conduct immediately preceding the accident accounted for 20% of the fault, then a potential $100k award would be reduced to $80k. This can apply to both a settlement or a court judgment.

Why Is Working With Elstein Legal The Smart Move?

Not only is filing a personal injury claim complex and time-consuming, but it can also be extremely stressful and overwhelming if you are still trying to heal and recover from your accident. By working with an experienced Miami pedestrian accident firm like Elstein Legal, you are gaining an extremely powerful ally in your fight for compensation. We will be your expert negotiator, as well as your state-licensed legal counsel if you should need to take your case to the litigation stage. 

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