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Miami Truck Accident Causes

An accident involving a large truck, like most accidents, will often stem from a root cause of negligence in one form or another. Sometimes it can be driver fatigue or being overworked, driving when laws and regulations say they should be resting. Many commercial drivers operate in an economy of tight deadlines and feel like they need to spend every minute possible behind the wheel.

Other frequent causes of horrific accidents are various forms of distraction, be it from the radio, lack of training, or company-mandated digital device.  Sometimes they can even be caused by a lack of proper vehicle maintenance, loading errors, even equipment or part failures.

If you have been injured in an accident with a large truck, your injuries even if minor can result in piles of medical bills. Your treatments or hospitalization made you miss work so you have lost wages that you’ve suffered as well. Your bills and lack of income can snowball to put your financial future in danger. Luckily even in a no-fault state like Florida, there are laws in place to help you recover compensation for your damages. By working with an experienced Miami truck accident firm like Elstein Legal, you can give your claim the best possible chance at collecting fair compensation. 

Speed Over Safety

Unfortunately, many companies these days push a work environment of speed and performance over safety, and this can lead to unsafe or negligent behaviors on the road that cause accidents and injuries. Even the smallest extra risk on the truck driver’s part can increase the chances of a dangerous situation drastically. Another consequence of companies operating this way is their tendency to hire under-qualified drivers, or to push new drivers too hard resulting in unsafe conditions.

Why Is Elstein Legal The Best Option For My Case?

Filing a personal injury claim is easy enough for most people, but even though you can do the paperwork alone, once you file your claim you are going against the insurance company. They report millions in savings to their shareholders by taking advantage of victims without legal representation. By hiring an experienced Miami truck accident attorney like Brian Elstein, you gain a powerful ally that will be with you at every stage of the process. We will be your expert negotiator, as well as your legal counsel if you need to litigate.

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