Published: September 25, 2020 | Brian L. Elstein, Esq.

After being involved in a car accident, many wonder when to take action and hire an attorney for representation. Car accident lawyers are very helpful and take a lot of the stress, confusion and difficulty out of the aftermath of an accident. Knowing when to get in touch with an accident attorney following your car accident makes a big difference when it comes to receiving the compensation amount you deserve.

Car Accident Statistics 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, 36,120 people died in motor vehicle accidents. According to Driver Knowledge, about 2 million people who are involved in car accidents each year suffer major injuries. 

In the event that the auto accident only brought on damage to property and it is determined that no injuries, broken bones or lacerations were sustained that could cause someone to miss out on work and daily activities, it is unclear whether or not one should hire a lawyer to assist with a personal injury claim. 

Yet, it’s crucial to note that you are not able to make this determination of lack of injuries on your own. This must be announced and documented by medical professionals. Even the smallest of injuries may become much larger issues down the road. Having a doctor run a full and detailed screen on you to clear any risk of developing a long term issue down the road is a good idea. 

Therefore, before hiring an attorney, get medical clearance. 

In some cases, the expected recovery is so minimal, it sends a case to small claims court if it is seen all the way through to litigation. Having counsel present is your right. They will represent you and stand by your rights in all small claims court processes.

If your insurance company seems to be willing to settle, you will need to carefully analyze what number is going to work for you. It will come down to whether or not you think the dollar amount that they are offering is fair. You will need to take a look at your damages, injuries, and losses and determine if they will be covered while also allowing for a percentage to go to your attorney to cover their services. If your insurance company becomes argumentative or hostile in nature, bringing in an attorney is extremely valuable.

It is important to plan for about 1/3 of your injury compensation going to pay out to your lawyer. This means you must up your expected results to make up for their hire. Consulting with an attorney is typically free and may be a great idea. Attorneys provide honest and true opinions on whether or not it would be in an individual’s best interest to hire them to even take a settlement.

When You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

In many situations, hiring a lawyer will be extremely beneficial to relieve your stress and to assist you in the process. If you have endured broken bones or been hospitalized as a result of the accident, or if you have long term health issues now, an attorney is paramount to begin your claim. If someone passed away in the car accident or if your medical treatment will be costly, it is highly recommended to work with a lawyer. Another scenario proving the certain need for seeking professional help could be missing a few days of work or school as a result of the accident. It is also important to contact an attorney if you are experiencing trauma, suffering and pain or lost companionship in another human.

In the event that a dispute has broken out over which party is at fault, getting an attorney involved is a smart move, especially if multiple people were injured. There will be many claims to sort through and defend, and the assistance of an experienced professional will help to guide you through the process.

If it so happens that you find errors on the police report or insurance claim, an attorney can step in to assist in rectifying the situation. Your attorney will have a trained eye and know what to look out for. In any situation that becomes confusing or sticky, a lawyer will guide you through the process.

It is important for you to hire your car accident lawyer as soon as possible. This will help you to make sure you do not make any mistakes that wind up costing you money. It should be noted that in the process of filing these types of claims, there are many deadlines that must be met. 

If you do decide to attempt to handle your car accident case all on your own, the insurance company is going to recognize this and will view it as a weakness. They may prey on the fact that you are lack knowledge and experience. Sometimes, having a lawyer for that professional title and stamp makes sure that you are not wrongfully taken advantage of. If you are handling things all on your own, you may end up being offered very little or the minimum for your claim. They will do this to just get you to “go away”. 

If you are involved in an accident of this nature, within a week or two, you should make the deacon to hire your representation before reaching any type of settlement to ensure that you are not taken advantage of or tricked into agreeing to a settlement that is not enough to cover all damages and injuries you incurred. 

What Can You Expect a Car Accident Attorney to Do For You?

In seeking out and obtaining the services of a car accident lawyer, they will be tasked with assisting you in receiving the maximum amount of the monetary compensation that you require to cover all of your injuries and damages. This includes medical bills, repairs to your vehicle, lost wages and more. Depending on where you live and where this accident took place, an attorney could possibly be able to assist you in filing a claim to receive compensation if a loved one loses their life in an accident involving drunk or reckless driving, or speeding.

Sorting through all of this and determining how much you are seeking in compensation can be a headache. Your car accident lawyer at Elstein Legal will be your experienced guide, having dealt with and handled tons of cases like this one. They will be able to better determine how much compensation would cover your damages and which would not be enough. Your Elstein Legal car accident lawyer can help you out in handling all communication and dealing with your insurance company throughout the process of the claim. Sometimes, insurance companies can be very difficult to work with when it comes to settling claims and can be untruthful or biased, getting you to wrongfully believe that you aren’t in a position to qualify for or deserve coverage. This is where your Brian L. Elstein of Elstein Legal will step in, providing knowledge and seeing through any unfair play.

Car accident attorneys have many areas and issues in which they are able to handle. They can provide assistance with property destruction in the event that an auto damages additional property, or wrongful death cases.  They also can step in when it comes to any personal injury and liability determinations. Brian L. Elstein knows all about state and national ordinances, citations, statutes and laws and how they can work for or against you. Due to your attorney’s professionalism, they will properly prepare and settle your car accident case for you while keeping your insurance company at bay.

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