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If you were injured in a train accident, consider consulting a qualified Boca Raton train accident lawyer as soon as possible. Brian L. Elstein knows the ins and outs of railway safety regulations and can help you seek potential compensation for your injuries. 

Common Causes of Boca Raton Train Accidents

Train companies have an obligation to their customers and the general public to ensure they are not putting people in a dangerous situation. This means everything from conditions inside of the train, maintaining the vehicle itself, and safety measures while driving. Some of the common causes of train accidents include:

  • Cars on the tracks. Cars can get hit by trains for a few reasons. Sometimes, the gate that signals when a train is coming can malfunction. Drivers in cars often assume that they are always working properly, and will pass over the tracks without watching for a train. Other times, drivers will go around the gate, thinking they can make it in time before the train passes through.
  • Derailment. Trains traveling at high speeds, inclement weather, faulty tracks, and human error can all lead to trail derailments.
  • Mechanical failures. Problems with the train itself can lead to having trouble stopping, train derailments, and crashes. This is why it is important to maintain the train well.
  • Problems with the tracks. Tracks need to be inspected regularly and maintained to ensure that they are always ready for safe passage.

Risks For Train Passengers in Florida

When people think of train accidents, they must picture trains hitting cars, people, other trains, or derailments. But a lot of injury claims come from passengers on the train as well. Here are some of the common causes for passenger injuries:

  • Walkway obstructions. Employees on trains should be regularly checking for any items that might be blocking walkways. Many times, walkways on trains are narrow, therefore even the smallest obstruction can be dangerous.
  • Wet floors. Spills, cleaning the floor, and wet shoes from rain can all contribute to slippery floors on a train. Employees should be checking to make sure the floor is safe to walk on, and warning passengers if they know about a dangerous condition.
  • Inadequate lighting. Poorly-lit train cabins can lead to trips and falls, especially for people with vision impairments. Lights should be inspected in between trips to ensure that all lights are working properly.

Why Hire Elstein Legal?

Prove liability can be complex, as well as negotiating with insurers and filing a claim. Brian L. Elstein can level the playing field when it comes to litigation with railroad lines. Elstein Legal’s experienced Boca Raton train accident lawyer will do their best for you to recover the compensation you may be entitled to. If you were hurt in a train accident in Boca Raton, contact us today.

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