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If you suffered a Delray Beach burn/fire injury, consider consulting an attorney. A lawyer will be able to evaluate your claim and explain your options for seeking compensation.

Burn/Fire Injury Resources

Thousands of people in the US are treated for burns every year. Even when treatment is successful, the victim is likely to experience significant pain and disability. When you consider the cost of treatment and the potential time away from work, burn/fire injuries can result in financial loss.

Elstein Legal is a personal injury law firm in Delray Beach that knows how difficult these burn injuries can be. We want to assist victims in their pursuit of justice and help secure the compensation they most likely deserve.

Common Types of Burns

The severity of the injury can vary significantly depending on the type of burn. Medical professionals classify burns using a scale that indicates severity:

  • First Degree. This type of burns are often known as superficial. They can cause some minor pain, inflammation, and redness and can often be treated at home. First-degree burns do not typically lead to long-term disability or scarring.
  • Second Degree. Second-degree burns are more severe since they penetrate past the top layer of the skin. These may be more painful than first-degree burns and may cause redness, swelling, inflammation, and blistering.
  • Third Degree. More severe, third-degree burns may affect every layer of skin and result in skin that is white or black. Along with discoloration, pain, and inflammation, another outcome of third-degree burns can be nerve damage.

There are also fourth-degree burns and beyond. The reason these types of burns are less discussed is that they are less common. Burns that are beyond third-degree go beyond layers of skin and into damaging tendons, muscles, and possibly even bones.

Damages for Burn/Fire Injuries

For the best outcome, you may need a burn/fire injury law firm in Delray Beach to assist with estimating the damages. Burn and fire injuries result in a range of losses, determining which takes experience. The following are some of the types of damages that might apply to this type of claim:

  • Medical bills,
  • Lost wages (salary you are not receiving since you are unable to work),
  • Property damage,
  • Scarring and disfigurement.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Elstein Legal takes pride in taking a personal approach to each case. We know how devastating burn injuries can be and we want to help you recover the compensation you need.

After such an incident, focusing on recovering and regaining your strength is a priority. We are happy to take care of all paperwork, as well as the claims process and negotiations. Contact us today to learn more about how a Delray Beach burn/fire injury lawyer can assist.

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