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When you watch a commercial or look at a brochure for a cruise line, all you see are beautiful pictures of pristine conditions on the ship. An accident that leads to serious injury is the last thing that comes to mind. Truthfully, many potential dangers exist on cruises. Here are some of the most common injuries on cruise ships:

  • Slip and fall accidents. These are some of the most common injuries on cruise ships. People who are not used to the movement of a ship are at risk of falling while walking. Wet floors are also common on cruise ships, especially near pool areas or bars. Employees should be checking the floors for wet areas, and putting up signs to warn passengers of the danger.
  • Swimming accidents. If safety rules are not posted, or hazards exist that should have been taken care of by cruise ship staff, they could be liable for injuries in swimming areas. 
  • Assault by crew members or other passengers. Cruise ship owners and management have a duty to keep their passengers safe. If adequate security measures are not taken, the risk of violence may increase.
  • Injuries during excursions. Cruise line companies may be liable for passenger injuries on cruise-approved activities such as boating, scuba diving, or parasailing. 
  • Foodborne pathogens leading to illness. While motion sickness is common amongst those who travel on boats, it may be mistaken for food poisoning. Cruise lines are responsible for making sure the food served on-board is cooked properly and safe to eat. 

How Elstein Legal Can Help

It is possible to file your personal injury claim against yourself. That said, doing with an attorney might increase your chances of recovering your losses. Cruise lines may be protective of their reputation and might avoid bad press at all costs. They will likely have high-caliber legal representation that can stop an injury claim in its tracks, or negotiate until you settle for less.

Brian Elstein is an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer with grand negotiating skills. To ensure an airtight claim, attorney Elstein can provide evidence from a thorough investigation of your claim to shut down any possible defense from the company.

For an attorney to be able to fully investigate your case, they will often need to visit the cruise ship in person to check out the conditions. To do so, they may need the boat to be in its home port. To have the best chance of success with your case, you will need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Contact Elstein Legal for more information today.

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