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What is Premises Liability in Florida?> Why Hire Elstein Legal?>

If you were injured on someone else’s property, consider reaching out to a qualified Delray Beach premises liability lawyer today. Our team at Elstein Legal has substantial experience in holding property owners accountable for their negligence.

What is Premises Liability in Florida?

Premises liability is a type of negligence statute that makes a property owner responsible for injuries that occur on their estate. To determine whether a property owner is liable for a person’s injuries, that individual needs to be labeled according to their purpose for entering the property.

Property owners most often owe some duty of care to two types of people:


An invitee is an individual that received a direct invitation from the owner, the property is open to the public, or they were on the property to conduct business with the owner. People in this category can include customers in a grocery store, museum, or another place of recreation. It also includes employees and people who are invited onto the property for social reasons.

Property owners are likely accountable for injuries to an invitee when the owner intentionally caused injury to the invitee, failed to warn the invitee of a known hazard, or failed to maintain reasonably safe conditions on the property.


These are individuals who are on the premises for their convenience, pleasure, or benefit. Their presence is tolerated or permitted by the property owner. An example of a licensee would be a guest at a party, or a family member or friend visiting.

Property owners responsible for injuries to a licensee when the injury was caused by gross or wanton negligence or there is a known danger that the property failed to warn the licensee about.


A trespasser enters another person’s property for reasons of self-interest, without a license, permission, or invitation. In this case, the owner’s responsibilities are more complex.

It is highly recommended to work with an attorney to define the liable party, as well as what losses could potentially be compensated.

Why Hire Elstein Legal?

Premises liability cases can be notoriously difficult to prove. You are possibly dealing with a serious, life-altering injury through no fault of your own. The most challenging aspect of premises liability is that many parts of the law are subjective, and the lines can get blurred. When consulting an attorney in Delray Beach, you will receive clarity and legal advice regarding your specific case.

Brian L. Elstein knows the details of property law inside and out. With extensive experience, attorney Elstein is skilled at conducting thorough investigations, collecting the necessary evidence, and presenting a solid case to ensure you get the outcome you need. If you were injured on someone else’s property, contact Elstein Legal as soon as possible.

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