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Determining Who Is Responsible

Any company that puts a product on the market is responsible for ensuring that their item is safe for consumers. This is their duty of care to the buyer.

When someone uses their product as directed and is hurt or killed, the company could be held liable. To better your chances of recovering compensation for yourself or a loved one, you may need to prove three things:

  • The product had an unreasonably dangerous defect which resulted in injury;
  • You used the product as directed, followed the manufacturer’s instructions, and still sustained an injury;
  • The product had not been altered significantly from its original condition that it was sold in. 

What to Consider in a Florida Product Liability Case

There are several things in Florida’s liability laws that may affect your claim:

Time limits for filing

Florida allows a statute of limitations for filing a product liability claim. Time starts as soon as you make the connection between the defective product and your injury – once you discover the cause of your injury, it is best to file the claim sooner rather than later.

Damage limits

Florida uses a comparative fault approach when it comes to liability. This means that if you share some of the responsibility for your injury, your damages may be reduced by the amount of fault you assume.

Why You Need a Delray Beach Product Liability Lawyer

Besides determining liability and calculating your losses (i.e. medical bills and lost wages), an attorney’s negotiating skills can greatly benefit your claim.

Companies that sell products to the public tend to have expert legal teams to protect their interests. Having an experienced attorney by your side is a way to level the playing field. A lawyer can:

  • Thoroughly investigate your case. A lawyer will know what to look for when investigating a product liability case. They have experience in gathering the right evidence that will make the strongest case for your claim. 
  • Be your best advocate. Companies will likely have their best interests in mind, so having someone experienced providing legal advice and assisting with correspondence would be incredibly beneficial.
  • Negotiate your settlement. If a company offers a low settlement, your product liability attorney can use their experience of negotiating to ensure you receive the compensation you potentially deserve.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Brian L. Elstein is an expert negotiator and will work on recovering your losses. Attorney Elstein can help you calculate the number of compensation you can potentially recover, as well as determine who the liable party is. We will take care of the paperwork, while you focus on recovering. Contact us today to learn more.

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