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When you go out to the bar or the nightclub for a fun night out, you go there to unwind, decompress and forget about the worries of the workweek. When you’re out with the intention of a great night, your biggest worry should be parking spots and drink prices. The last thing you expect to happen is to be seriously hurt as a victim in a shooting and need emergency medical care. Even being a bystander in a shooting or other altercation can leave serious psychological trauma. Even though these scenarios may be unexpected, in a state like Florida where there is an abundance of world-class nightclubs and bars, there are bound to be some incidents.

Being Injured In A Florida Bar Or Nightclub

When someone owns a bar or nightclub, that owner and the management that operate the club owes the individuals that patronize the establishment a duty of care. This duty requires that they keep the business clean and safe, ensure the premises are in good repair, have measures in place to prevent over-serving customers, and making sure that people entering the business are not bringing in contraband.

Any breach in this duty can open the business management and owners up to legal issues of liability. If they are supposed to keep you safe while you’re in their club and you suffer injuries that result from their negligence, they may be liable for the damages that come from the injuries. 

As an example, if you are at a bar where someone has been overserved, the intoxicated patron may start a fight, or if involved in a fight may escalate it with a firearm. The club may be liable for your damages because they failed to prevent someone from bringing in a weapon, and then that person was also over served alcohol.

Why Working With Elstein Legal Is The Best Move For Your Claim

The personal injury claims process is complex and can be frustrating for most people. It can be particularly overwhelming for people trying to heal and recover from their injuries. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney like Brian L. Elstein, you gain a very powerful ally in your fight for fair compensation. Not only will your attorney be your advocate during the settlement negotiations, but if your case needs to advance to litigation, your lawyer will be by your side in the courtroom. Contact us today.

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