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Florida Bike Accident Resources

Unfortunately, there are many fatalities attributable to the accidents that negligent drivers cause. In fact, Florida routinely has the highest rate of bicycling deaths in the country, year after year. On average, Florida has twice the national average rate of bike deaths. Accidents while riding a bike are all too common, and frequently involve incredibly serious injuries. If you have been injured while riding your bike, because someone hit you with their car, you should reach out for expert legal counsel that only Elstein Legal can provide.

Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Florida

The most common cause of all vehicle versus bike accidents is driver negligence. This can be from driver action or inaction, meaning the driver either did something they should not have, or they did not do something that they should have. Examples of the former include drinking and driving, distracted driving, or speeding, while examples of the latter would be failing to check a blind spot before turning or merging, failing to yield right of way, or using headlights and turn signals properly.

Injuries Possible In A Florida Bike Accident

If you are out cycling and are hit by a negligent driver, there are a host of injuries that you could sustain. Not only could you receive soft tissue injuries like bruises and abrasions, but you could suffer dislocations, fractures, and broken ribs and limbs. More serious accidents can result in severe injuries to the back, neck, spinal cord, and brain. Injuries like these will often require hospitalization, surgeries, and extensive rehab or therapy. Any of these injuries can lead to mountains of medical bills and lost wages. You should speak to an attorney about recovering monetary compensation in the amount of those damages.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

When you work with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney like Brian L. Elstein, you gain a powerful ally in your fight for fair compensation. Armed with priceless professional knowledge of how to build a strong claim and how to successfully navigate the claims process, they will be on your side every step of the way. During the complex settlement negotiations, they will be your advocate, and if your case needs to advance to litigation, they will be your state-licensed legal representation in court. Contact us today.

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