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After Your Injury

With any product, you have in or around your home, job, or nearly anywhere else, you use it with the expectation that it is reasonably safe and can be used without incurring injury. The same can be said for nearly any consumer product you might use, you generally expect it to be free of dangerous or significant defects. While this tends to be the case in a majority of cases, the number of products available for purchase means the percentage that is safely designed and thoroughly tested gets smaller every day. This can wind up with you or someone you know receiving injuries while using the product.

Depending on your injuries and their severity, the medical bills you have might be piling up, and if you have had to miss work either for treatments or for hospitalization, you have missed work and lost wages that are also weighing on you, and possibly putting your financial future in danger. Discussing your case with the experienced product liability lawyers at Elstein Legal can help you collect fair compensation for your financial losses.

Strict Liability For Manufacturers

When any products are designed, manufactured, and sold, each set along the supply chain has a duty to provide a product that has been tested and is reasonably safe when used according to the instructions. When someone follows the instructions and uses the product as intended, and is injured, maimed, or killed as a result of a defect or hazard of the product, the manufacturers and distributors can be found liable for breaching that duty.

By working with a reputable product liability law firm like Elstein Legal, they have invaluable insight into how to build a strong claim and how to present that claim throughout the process. They will learn all the details of your case and will organize a powerful claim that meets all the requirements needed to satisfy the insurer or court.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

The claims process can be complex and difficult to effectively navigate for most people. This can hold particularly true if you are trying to heal from your injuries, the process can be quite overwhelming. Trusting Elstein Legal to be your representative through the entire process means you gain a powerful ally and source of knowledge. Brian Elstein will act as your advocate during the sometimes frustrating settlement negotiation stage, making sure that you are well-represented and considered fairly. If a settlement is not possible and you need to continue to litigation, he will be your state-licensed legal counsel.

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