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Florida Train Accident Resources

As reported by the railway safety advocacy organization Operation Lifesaver, in 2019 alone there were 135 reported train versus vehicle accidents. These accidents ended in 54 injuries, and 24 fatalities. Given the momentum and force of train impacts, drivers in vehicles are twenty times more likely to be killed than in collisions with other vehicles.

Most frequently, collisions like these result from drivers stopping on the tracks. Sometimes this is due to being stuck at a traffic light, sometimes they may be on tracks unwittingly if the crossing is not marked well or is in poor repair. This can be the fault of the driver, but this is extremely rare, and there are other factors that can affect the determination of liability. Since time is a major factor, you should reach out immediately to a personal injury firm in Florida, like Elstein Legal.

Common Causes Of Florida Train Accidents

There are many reasons why a train accident might occur, some human, some mechanical, most are tied to negligence in one way or another. The most common causes of train accidents include:

  • Failure to maintain the track or crossing
  • Defective light or sound signals at crossings
  • Stalled vehicles on the track
  • Physical track problems
  • Mechanical failures
  • Collisions with objects or debris on the track
  • Train on train collisions
  • Conductor error or negligence
  • Derailment accidents

Who Is Liable In A Florida Train Accident?

This can be a complicated question since there are so many variables. When a collision and an accident occur, there may actually be multiple parties deemed liable, in part. This is due to Florida using “comparative negligence” rules in their personal injury litigation.

There could be fault assigned to the company and conductor that operated the train, as well as the driver who was hit, or any other individuals present and involved in the accident. There could also be faults assigned to various companies involved with the equipment like the manufacturers of the gates, lighting, and other signaling equipment, or the municipality where the accident happened.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Pursuing personal injury claims can be complex and frustrating, particularly against large companies like railroad operators. The process can be frequently overwhelming during a time when you or a loved one are trying to heal and recover from a particularly traumatic injury. Brian L. Elstein brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and knows how to navigate the claims process from start to finish. Attorney Brian is familiar with what it takes to build a strong claim and will be your advocate at every step of the process, fighting for you to receive fair compensation. Contact Elstein Legal today.

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