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Accidents involving Uber drivers can still occur. One does not even need to be an Uber passenger to be involved in such an incident, it may leave other drivers or pedestrians injured as well.

While you will hopefully never be involved in such a situation, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and related losses if you are. Schedule a consultation with a Fort Lauderdale Uber accident attorney to learn more about your options. Attorney Brian L. Elstein and our team at Elstein Legal are prepared to offer the aggressive representation you deserve.

Fort Lauderdale Uber Accidents: Causes

The potential causes of a Fort Lauderdale Uber accident are generally the same as the potential causes of any automobile accident. They include:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs
  • Sleep-deprived driving (which can be as dangerous as drunk driving)
  • Distracted driving (a problem that has been on the rise due to the popularity of smartphones)
  • Vehicle defects
  • Aggressive driving
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • General negligence

It has been reported that the training Uber offers its drivers is fairly minimal. Fort Lauderdale Uber accidents may occur because drivers are not qualified enough to safely navigate the area.

How a Fort Lauderdale Uber Accident Law Firm Can Help

If you are involved in a Fort Lauderdale Uber accident, there is a high probability you will be left with injuries that require costly medical treatment. Your injuries may also interfere with your ability to work and earn a paycheck.

Florida is one of a few states that uses the “no-fault” approach to car accident compensation. Usually, when you are involved in a car accident in Florida, you would seek compensation from your own insurance, even if the accident was the result of another party’s negligence.

Fort Lauderdale Uber accidents are different. Typically, after being hurt in an Uber accident, you may potentially pursue compensation by filing a claim against Uber’s insurance.

Strongly consider working with a reputable personal injury law firm near Fort Lauderdale when doing so. Insurance companies are businesses, and they strive to pay out as little as possible when injured victims file claims. A Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer can help you negotiate for a fair settlement, significantly boosting your chances of securing the full amount of compensation you likely deserve.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Before starting his own law firm in Fort Lauderdale, attorney Brian L. Elstein spent years litigating personal injury cases at another major firm in the area. He now leverages the expertise he cultivated during those years to offer clients like yourself effective representation. Schedule your free legal consultation today to learn more about how we can help.

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