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Cause of Boat Accident Injuries in Hialeah

There are several types of boat accidents resulting in an injury. These include crashing into another boat, impact with a fixed object, sinking/capsizing, and fuel fires. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that the most common type of accident is colliding with another boat. Some of the main reasons these accidents happen in Florida include:

  • Inattention: Not paying attention to what’s ahead happens too often on boats, and can cause serious injuries. Boat operators are required to constantly monitor their course for obstructions, moving objects, and anything else that may cross the boat’s path. 
  • Alcohol: Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is a serious safety risk and causes a high number of accidents and deaths each year in Florida alone. It accounts for 22% of all boating accidents. 
  • Unskilled operator: There are currently no age restrictions on operating a boat in Florida, but those born after 1988 are subject to personal watercraft regulations and must take a safety course. Individuals who were born before 1988 do not need to complete a safety course and aren’t required to have a special boating license. Therefore, it can be assumed that there is likely a large number of unskilled, untrained boat operators on the water at any given time.
  • Water conditions: Boating in choppy water and other adverse conditions can lead to collisions and falling overboard, resulting in serious injuries.

Determining Fault in a Hialeah Boat Accident

Deciding who is at fault is more complicated than it sounds when it comes to boat accidents. Fault depends on several factors, like how many people were involved, and what each party was doing at the time of the accident. Since there are strict laws that detail what you should and should not be doing while operating a boat in Florida, even if you’re the only one who was injured, you could share some of the fault. 

If a passenger on the boat was doing something unsafe or reckless to cause the accident, then that person could share some of the blame. Because of all these moving parts, the court can assign partial blame to multiple parties, based on the amount of damages caused. For example, if one party was determined to be 50% responsible for the accident which caused $10,000 in damages, they could be forced to pay $5,000 in damages.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Brian L. Elstein is a personal injury attorney with his own law firm based in Miami, Florida. He has years of professional experience in handling boat accident cases in Hialeah. With the cost of medical treatment and the impact of a loss of income today, you’ll need someone on your side who can maximize your compensation. Elstein Legal will advocate for the compensation you need, and assist you with the complicated legal process. For more information, call today to set up your free consultation.

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