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Hialeah Motorcycle Accident Resources

Statistics indicate motorcycle riders are at much greater risk of sustaining serious injuries in accidents when compared to drivers or occupants of other vehicles. It’s easy to understand why. A motorcyclist doesn’t have a large vehicle’s exterior protecting them if they’re involved in a collision or similar accident.
Thus, if you’re involved in a Hialeah motorcycle accident, there’s a good chance your injuries will have a substantial impact on your finances and quality of life. Along with facing costly medical bills and lost wages (if your injuries prevent you from performing your work duties), you might, for instance, also struggle with pain and suffering.

Seeking Compensation After a Hialeah Motorcycle Accident

You should strongly consider meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Hialeah to optimize your chances of securing any compensation to which you might be entitled. The process of pursuing compensation after a Hialeah motorcycle accident is unique when compared to the process of seeking compensation after a car accident.

Florida law requires car owners to have personal injury protection insurance policies. This is because Florida uses the “no-fault” model. Regardless of whose negligence caused an accident, when someone is injured in a car accident in this state, their insurer is responsible for compensating them.

The PIP requirement doesn’t apply to motorcyclists, though. Many insurers also won’t even offer PIP insurance for a motorcycle rider. This is true even if they have PIP insurance for another type of vehicle.

Thus, to pursue the compensation you’re owed after a Hialeah motorcycle accident, you need to demonstrate that the accident happened because another party was negligent. This requires leveraging the resources of a personal injury law firm in Hialeah to conduct a thorough investigation. Keep in mind, while another driver may be at fault, other parties can also be responsible for causing accidents. Examples include negligent vehicle manufacturers or government agencies that failed to properly maintain a road.

Your Hialeah motorcycle accident attorney will also account for your various losses resulting from the accident to properly determine how much compensation you’re entitled to. They’ll negotiate with the negligent party’s insurer to help you collect it, and if necessary, they’ll file a lawsuit. This naturally gives you more time and freedom to focus on resting as you recover from your injuries.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

If you’re looking for a motorcycle accident law firm in the Hialeah area that you can trust to deliver results, choose Elstein Legal. You don’t have to simply take our word for it when we claim we have the expertise necessary to provide you with aggressive representation. Attorney Brian L. Elstein has a proven track record of securing millions of dollars in compensation for clients just like you. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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