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Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Hialeah

  • Distracted driving: Texting, along with any cell phone use while driving is a huge factor in pedestrian accidents in Hialeah. 
  • Poor visibility: Rain, fog, or darkness are all common causes of accidents, as it makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians.
  • Malfunctioning lights: When street lights aren’t functioning properly, the risk of car and pedestrian accidents increases significantly. If your light turns green when a pedestrian light is stuck on “walk”, the results could be deadly.  
  • Failing to yield: A lot of accidents are caused by drivers who fail to respect the right of way for pedestrians.
  • Drug/alcohol intoxication: Anything that impairs the ability to drive or walk safely exponentially increases the potential for accidents. Almost 40% of all pedestrians who die were intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Hialeah Pedestrian Accident Aftermath

Pedestrian accidents can cause many injuries, from minor to more serious. A large percentage of injuries occur in the lower half of the body since that’s where the impact usually happens when a car hits you. Therefore, some of the most common injuries include broken bones, hip and pelvis fractures, broken bones, and deep lacerations. Other injuries, like the neck, shoulder, back, and head trauma can occur from either a fall after impact or from rolling onto the windshield or the hood of the car. 

Along with the long physical recovery period of some of these injuries, the financial impact can be devastating. Medical costs, from doctor’s visits, potential surgeries, and physical therapy, tend to be exponential. And depending on the length of recovery, you could suffer from an extended loss of income. This is where Elstein Legal comes in.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Brian L. Elstein is an experienced pedestrian accident attorney with his own legal firm in Florida. Over the years he has helped many of his clients obtain significant settlements to help recoup their losses after harrowing accidents. Insurance companies are notorious for only paying out what they absolutely need to. When you’re going through a tough recovery, it’s a relief to have someone to help you navigate through the legal process and advocate for you. So if you or someone you love has been in a pedestrian accident in Hialeah, call Elstein Legal today to schedule your free consultation.

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