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Injured in Hialeah?

Various product and liability laws and regulations require product designers, manufacturers, and other relevant parties to take reasonable steps to ensure dangerous products don’t cause avoidable harm to consumers. However, sometimes, defects or other such problems do leave consumers with injuries. If this has happened to you, meet with a Hialeah product liability attorney at Elstein Legal for a free evaluation of your case, (305) 299-2835.

Product Liability Cases in Hialeah: What You Need to Know

The specifics of product liability laws vary from one state to another. However, in general, these laws allow injured parties to seek compensation for such losses as their medical bills, lost wages, and more if the injury resulted from using a defective product.

The product liability laws in and of themselves don’t guarantee a payout. Thus, it’s wise to enlist the help of a product liability attorney in Hialeah so that you can optimize your chances of reaching a settlement or being awarded damages in court that you are entitled to.

How a Product Liability Law Firm in Hialeah Helps

The process of seeking compensation in these circumstances can be somewhat complex. A product liability law firm in Hialeah can help in the following key ways:

Determining if You Have a Product Liability Case

Not every accident involving a dangerous product justifies its victims to seek compensation. For example, suppose you pursue compensation after being injured using a hazardous product by filing a claim against the designer or manufacturer’s insurance. In that case, they could argue that your accident only occurred because you were blatantly dangerously using the product. Or, if the product in question is naturally somewhat dangerous (such as a chainsaw), they could avoid compensating you by saying you understood the risk when you chose to use the product.

A Hialeah product liability lawyer will consider these defenses when reviewing your case. They can let you know if you have a right to compensation.

Identifying the Liable Party

Knowing who to file a claim or lawsuit against in these circumstances isn’t always easy. A lawyer must investigate the accident to determine who is at fault. For example, sometimes, accidents happen due to inherent design flaws. In such instances, the designer is responsible for compensating an accident victim. However, a manufacturer may be liable if the defect that caused an accident arose during the manufacturing phase.


The most crucial reason to hire a product liability attorney is that insurance companies are motivated to protect their own financial interests. When injured parties file claims, they tend to look for ways to minimize how much compensation they provide. Elstein Legal will determine how much compensation you’re entitled to and negotiate effectively to help you collect it.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Before starting his firm, attorney Brian L. Elstein served as an attorney for another major Hialeah firm. He got a first-hand look into the ways insurance companies handle these matters. He leverages this insider knowledge to help clients like you secure millions of dollars in compensation. To learn more, schedule a free consultation today.

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