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Hialeah Truck Accident Resources

For natural reasons, motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks are much more likely to cause serious harm than other types of collisions. They’re also more likely to occur in relatively busy areas, such as Hialeah, Florida.

Statistics confirm that Hialeah truck accidents cause serious “incapacitating” injuries at a higher rate than other types of accidents. While injuries sustained in car accidents are more common, that’s only because car accidents themselves are more common. Statistically, your odds of being seriously injured in an accident are greater when a large truck is involved.

Hialeah Truck Accident Cases: How to Seek Compensation

Truck accidents occur for many reasons. Because trucks are difficult to operate, sometimes drivers lose full control of their vehicles. Truckers also report that they’re often under tremendous pressure from their employers to adhere to strict schedules. Thus, when factors beyond their control cause them to fall behind, they feel they must skip sleep to make their deliveries on time.

This puts others sharing the road at risk. According to research, driving while sleep-deprived is often as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. However, it’s worth noting that a Hialeah truck accident can also occur despite the trucker driving responsibly. For example, accidents can happen because vehicle manufacturers were negligent, government agencies failed to adequately maintain roadways, etc.

Working with a Hialeah Attorney

This is just one reason to seek representation from a personal injury lawyer in Hialeah if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. A personal injury law firm in Hialeah will have the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate the incident. This is key to accurately determining who is responsible for compensating you.

A Hialeah truck accident attorney’s investigation will also involve collecting evidence to prove that another party’s negligence caused the accident. The insurers of trucking companies or other negligent parties involved in truck accidents will often employ a range of defenses to avoid paying an injured party what they’re owed. Without legal representation, you may struggle to collect.

You’re far more likely to be compensated properly after a Hialeah truck accident if you hire an attorney. They’ll negotiate on your behalf, and if necessary, go to court to represent you.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

If you’re looking for a truck accident law firm in Hialeah, you can trust Elstein Legal to deliver results. Attorney Brian L. Elstein spent years litigating personal injury cases at another major area firm before starting his own. Thanks to his proven track record of securing millions of dollars in compensation for his clients, hiring him will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your case is in the hands of a skilled expert. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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