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Unlike in other cities, a Miami Beach Lyft accident can be more complicated due to  Florida’s unique law surrounding  insurance and legal requirements for rideshare companies. This law allows Lyft to consider its drivers independent contractors rather than employees. This means that when there’s an accident (and ensuing injury) involving Lyft, it has been historically challenging to handle. 

In many instances, this can make determining liability particularly unique and challenging. Fortunately, a Miami Beach Lyft accident attorney from Elstein Legal can help you navigate these obstacles. 

Liability and Lyft in Miami Beach

In May of 2017, the Governor of Florida signed a bill into law that outlines Lyft and other rideshare companies’ statewide requirements. This bill says that rideshare cars must have a minimum amount of insurance to cover any accidents. It also leaves background checks in the hands of the companies. 

Florida’s unique laws can make it hard to receive compensation. Since all Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, Lyft does not have to assume responsibility for their actions. 

Working with the complexities of Lyft and other rideshare companies requires a deep understanding of the law. Going through this process can be overwhelming for many people and it is easy to misunderstand or completely overlook important steps in the process. . 

A Miami Beach Lyft accident lawyer will can help you by:  

  • Reviewing your losses and determining how much compensation you may be entitled to
  • Investigating your case and identifying all negligent parties responsible for compensation
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to reach a fair and timely settlement

Lyft Accident Compensation

Knowing what to expect after a Lyft accident is crucial. Each case has different details that will impact how the parties involved can move forward. Although you may wish to pursue legal action on your own, the ever-changing legal landscape may prove challenging to handle alone. 

When working alone, it  is far too easy to take a deal that does not take all of your injuries and needs into account. This deal may not cover all of the legal and medical costs from the accident. Additionally, it may overlook non-financial losses such as pain or suffering.

Whether it’s medical bills, temporary or permanent loss of wages, or non-financial losses, our team will work hard to help you determine any compensation you may be entitled to. 

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

At Elstein Legal, our team of Miami Beach Lyft accident lawyers are ready to help you fight for compensation. Don’t cut corners by navigating the complicated legal system by yourself. Contact Elstein Legal today for a free case consultation.

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