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If you have been involved in a Miami Beach Uber accident, it is essential to pursue the proper legal recourse.. If you’re overwhelmed by what to do next,   you may want to contact a Miami Beach Uber accident lawyer from Elstein Legal

Uber Accidents and Liability

In May of 2017, the Governor of Florida signed a bill into law that outlines Uber and other rideshare companies’ statewide requirements. This bill says that rideshare cars must have a minimum amount of insurance to cover any accidents. It also leaves background checks in the hands of the companies. 

In other words, Uber does not assume responsibility for accidents from their drivers. Since the drivers are independent contractors, Uber is not directly responsible for any accidents. If you’re in an accident with Uber, you will need to record evidence right away.Although not a perfect one, Uber does have a process for reporting unsafe drivers. Collecting this evidence will be essential to pursuing any compensation to which you may be entitled.  

Establishing liability is another essential step in the aftermath of an accident. Although you may wish to take matters into your own hands, consulting a Miami Beach Uber accident lawyer from Elstein Legal can help you understand the volatile nature of the law.  

Additionally, our team can also help establish a timeline of what happened and when. Although it can be easy to lose track of information after an accident in a vehicle that wasn’t yours, any personal injury law firm in Miami Beach will want to know this information. 

Uber and Accident Investigations in Miami Beach

After sustaining injuries in an accident, it’s not unusual to become a part of an investigation.. This investigation can help determine the severity of your injury. Unfortunately, the insurance company behind the investigation will have lawyers on their side. 

Going through the legal system on your own often leads to disappointing results. You may feel pressured to settle for less than what you deserve. To avoid an unfavorable settlement, we advise working with our Miami Beach accident attorneys.  

Our Miami Beach Uber accident lawyers can help you secure what you may be owed by:

  • Reviewing your losses to determine how much compensation you’re entitled to
  • Investigating your case to identify all negligent parties responsible for compensation
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement

Why Choose Elstein Legal?


At Elstein Legal, our team is ready to help you pursue compensation after an Uber accident. If you can avoid it, don’t navigate the complicated legal system by yourself and reach an unfavorable agreement. Contact Elstein Legal today for a free case consultation.

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