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Miami Dog Bites & Animal Attacks: What You Need to Know

Again, while most dog bites are fairly minor, some can cause very significant harm to victims. Thus, Florida’s dog bite law allows victims to seek compensation from the owners of dogs and other animals that cause harm.

Florida’s law is actually somewhat unique when compared to that of many other states. Often, a state’s dog bite law will require a dog’s owner to have known their dog had a history of violent or vicious tendencies for them to be held liable. That’s not the case in Miami. Here, even if an owner didn’t know their dog was dangerous, if the dog bites someone and the victim sustains injuries, a victim can pursue compensation.

Hiring a Miami Lawyer

Securing the compensation can be a complicated process. You need to properly demonstrate that your Miami dog bite or animal attack injuries were the result of negligence in some capacity on the part of the owner. 

For instance, if you were legally on someone’s property, and their dog bit you, it might be difficult to find them liable if they claim a “Bad Dog” or similar warning sign was clearly on display. That’s why, along with hiring a personal injury lawyer in Miami to represent you, if possible, you should take pictures of the property shortly after your accident to prove no sign was present when the bite occurred.

Under Florida law, you could also be found to be at least partially responsible for being bitten due to contributory negligence. For example, a dog’s owner could argue the dog bit you because you knowingly provoked it in some way. This could reduce the amount of compensation you receive.
Those are merely a few reasons to seek representation from a Miami dog bites and animal attacks attorney in these circumstances. You’ll be much more likely to collect a fair sum if you coordinate with a personal injury law firm in Miami, Fl.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

If you’re looking for a dog bites and animal attacks law firm in Miami that you can trust to deliver results, choose Elstein Legal. Attorney Brian L. Elstein has years of experience securing millions of dollars for clients. He applies his insider knowledge of the claims process to offer the aggressive representation you deserve. Get started by scheduling a free consultation today.

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