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Unfortunately, shootings do occur at Pompano Beach bars and nightclubs. While this will hopefully never happen to you or your loved ones, you will likely be left with injuries that require expensive medical treatment if it does. Your injuries could also deprive you of the ability to work and earn an income.

You may be able to recover compensation for such losses. Consult with a Pompano Beach bar and nightclub shooting attorney to learn more. At Elstein Legal, attorney Brian L. Elstein can thoroughly review your case and help you better understand your legal options.

Pompano Beach Bar / Nightclub Shooting Cases: What You Need to Know

Statistics indicate that shootings often occur in public places like bars and nightclubs. These types of businesses are relatively abundant in Florida.

Bar and nightclub owners should understand that shootings can occur on their properties, and take reasonable steps to protect their customers accordingly. This may involve hiring qualified security personnel and ensuring necessary equipment is working properly. Because a bar or nightclub’s owner cannot be on the property at all times, they must train employees to prioritize customer safety as well.

Sometimes they fail to do so. If you are injured in a Pompano Beach bar or nightclub shooting as a result, premises liability laws may provide the legal justification you need to seek compensation for your losses by filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit. If you decide to take legal action, you can optimize your chances of collecting what you might be owed by coordinating with a Pompano Beach law firm.

How a Bar or Nightclub Shooting Law Firm Near Pompano Beach Can Help

The ways in which a Pompano Beach bar and nightclub shooting lawyer like Brian L. Elstein can help you in these circumstances are numerous. They include–but are not limited to–the following:

  • Conducting an investigation into the accident to gather evidence showing a bar or nightclub’s owners were negligent, and that this negligence caused harm
  • Determining the value of your claim by accounting for all your compensable losses
  • Negotiating with insurers who may try to offer less compensation than you are seeking
  • Coordinating with insurance adjusters, doctors, and other relevant experts involved in the claims process
  • Handling various administrative tasks so you can focus on your recovery

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Before founding Elstein Legal, attorney Brian L. Elstein spent many years litigating cases at another major law firm near Pompano Beach. This provided him with a close look into the ways insurance companies work and attempt to defend their own financial interests. Attorney Esltein now leverages his expertise to provide clients like you with effective representation. To learn more about how Elstein Legal can help you pursue the compensation you may be owed, schedule your free legal consultation today.

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