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If this has happened to you or a loved one in the Pompano Beach area, depending on various factors, you may be eligible to recover compensation for such losses as your medical bills by filing an insurance claim against a negligent party. Elstein Legal can review your case for free and help you better understand your legal options. If you do have justification to file a claim or lawsuit, attorney Brian L. Elstein can provide dedicated representation.

Pompano Beach Cruise Ship Accidents: What You Need to Know

Although your main goal when going on a cruise is to relax, it is important to remember that accidents aboard ships can occur. One study of a single cruise ship found that over the course of a three-year period, 663 injuries were reported on the ship, and approximately 12.5 percent of said injuries were deemed “serious.”

Types of Pompano Beach Cruise Ship Accidents

Pompano Beach cruise ship accidents can take many forms and have many potential causes. Some examples include:

  • A slip and fall accident happens on a cruise ship because the staff failed to vigilantly address hazards
  • Becoming sick after eating expired or contaminated food on a ship
  • Being assaulted by a member of the cruise ship staff because the company failed to properly background check new hires
  • Assault occurring on a ship because adequate security measures were not in place (unfortunately, statistics indicate that crime aboard cruise ships may be on the rise)

The Role of a Cruise Ship Accidents Law Firm in Pompano Beach

Scheduling a consultation with a Pompano Beach cruise ship accidents lawyer is a wise idea if you believe you may have reason to file a claim. To determine who may be responsible for compensating you for losses ranging from your medical bills and lost wages, it is often necessary to conduct a thorough and extensive investigation. Brian Elstein has the resources and expertise needed to do so.

Attorney Elstein has an understanding of the applicable Florida laws, which helps when it comes time to determine how much compensation you should request from a negligent party. He will account for the relevant losses to calculate how much you may be owed, and gather evidence to show the requested settlement amount is justified.

Be aware that an insurance company’s first response to a claim may be to try to deny it or offer less than you are seeking. A qualified attorney handling cases in Pompano Beach can also help by negotiating for a fair payout on your behalf.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Brian L. Elstein spent years litigating personal injury cases at another firm before starting his own personal injury law firm. Attorney Elstein understands how to negotiate effectively with insurers, and will not charge a fee unless you win your case. Learn more about how Elstein Legal can help by scheduling your free lawyer consultation today.

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