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While some dog bites are harmless, others can cause serious injury or even the wrongful death of a victim. Owners of dogs and other potentially dangerous pets must reasonably strive to prevent them from attacking others, yet may fail to do so.

If you have been injured in a Pompano Beach dog bite or animal attack incident and think you could have avoided harm had the animal’s owner not been negligent, consult with a lawyer. At Elstein Legal, attorney Brian L. Elstein can review your case to determine if you have grounds to seek compensation for your medical bills and related losses. If we do find you have reason to file a claim or lawsuit, we will optimize your chances of recovering what you may be owed by offering aggressive representation.

Pompano Beach Dog Bites & Animal Attacks: Important Information for Victims

Under Florida law, a dog or other dangerous animal’s owner may be found responsible for compensating you after an attack if the accident occurred in a public setting or on their property, provided you had a legal right to be there at the time of the attack.

The law also states that “any negligence on the part of the person bitten that is a proximate cause of the biting incident reduces the liability of the owner of the dog by the percentage that the bitten person’s negligence contributed to the biting incident.” A negligent dog owner might try to reduce their liability by claiming you provoked their dog, ignored dangerous dog warning signs on the property, or were otherwise negligent in a manner that contributed to the attack happening.

How a Dog Bite & Animal Attack Law Firm in Pompano Beach Can Help

If you were not negligent, despite a pet owner’s claims, a qualified dog bite & animal attack lawyer can help gather evidence indicating as much. This will improve your chances of reaching an appropriate settlement or being awarded sufficient damages in court.

Other ways the team at our personal injury law firm near Pompano Beach can help include:

  • Assisting with paperwork, allowing you to focus on your recovery while we handle the claims process
  • Accounting for your various losses to determine how much compensation you should request
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Before starting his own personal injury law firm near Pompano Beach, Brian L. Elstein gained valuable experience spending years litigating personal injury claims at another major law firm. Attorney Elstein now leverages what he learned to offer effective representation to clients like yourself. Learn more about how we at Elstein Legal can help by scheduling your free legal consultation today.

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