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If you or a loved one in the Pompano Beach area has been injured or killed as a result of using a product, you may be eligible for compensation for such losses as medical bills and lost wages. Consult with a Pompano Beach product liability attorney to learn more. At Elstein Legal, attorney Brian L. Elstein can determine if you have justification to file a claim or lawsuit against a negligent party. If you do appear to be owed compensation, we can boost your chances of collecting it by offering aggressive representation.

Pompano Beach Product Liability Cases: Essential Information

Florida law does not always provide legal grounds to seek compensation for losses resulting from the use of a consumer product. To be eligible for compensation, you must show that the losses you or a loved one sustained were greater than the injuries that would result from using a product that was free of defects, and that your injuries were not caused by misuse of a product.

Consider the example of an accident involving a chainsaw. This is a product the consumers know has significant potential to cause harm. An accident involving a chainsaw may not be the result of negligence on someone else’s part. It could be the result of misuse or other factors.

This is one of many reasons it is wise to meet with a Pompano Beach product liability lawyer if you believe you have a case. The experts at our law firm can help you better understand if you may pursue compensation.

Determining Fault in a Pompano Beach Product Liability Case

Even if you are eligible for compensation, it is not always clear who is responsible for providing a payout in these circumstances. A product’s designers or manufacturers may often be liable, but there are exceptions.

The company that marketed the product may be considered negligent if they failed to properly warn consumers of its potential to cause harm, and this potential was not obvious to a typical user. There are multiple options on who the liable party may be.

This is another benefit of seeking representation from our product liability law firm near Pompano Beach. We can conduct a thorough investigation to identify all liable parties. We can also negotiate with product liability insurers for a fair payout on your behalf and avoid any low offers they may suggest initially.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Attorney Brian L. Elstein spent years litigating personal injury cases at another major firm in the area before starting his own. He now applies the expertise gained during those years to offer clients like yourself effective representation. Contact us today to schedule your free legal consultation. Act fast to avoid missing the statute of limitations deadline!

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