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Florida law does require that property owners, managers, and extensions of ownership (such as a store’s employees) take reasonable steps to prevent accidents from occurring on the premises. Sometimes property owners neglect this duty, and you could be injured as a result of their negligence.

If you have been injured in a Pompano Beach slip and fall attorney and believe this accident would not have happened had another party not been unreasonably negligent, you may be able to recover compensation for losses such as your medical bills and lost wages.

Discuss your case with a Pompano Beach slip and fall attorney for more information. At Elstein Legal, attorney Brian L. Elstein is prepared to review your case carefully. We can help determine whether you have reason to proceed with an insurance claim or lawsuit, and are ready to offer the aggressive representation you deserve.

Pompano Beach Slip and Fall Cases: Important Information

The consequences of a slip and fall accident can be much more significant than many assume. According to the CDC, every year, falling accidents send nearly one million American adults to the hospital.

If you are ever involved in such an accident, there is a high probability your injuries will require costly medical treatment. They could also prevent you from returning to work for a period of time. If you sustain a head injury, which is not an uncommon result of a Pompano Beach slip and fall, you may even face a long-term reduction of cognition and memory.

You likely deserve to be compensated accordingly if your accident was the result of another party’s negligence. Because recovering compensation in these circumstances can be challenging if you pursue it on your own, you should maximize your chances of collecting what you are owed by coordinating with a law firm near Pompano Beach.

The Role of a Slip and Fall Law Firm in Pompano Beach

A qualified Pompano Beach slip and fall lawyer such as Brian L. Elstein can assist you in many ways. A lawyer can handle such tasks as:

  • Investigating the accident to determine who is responsible for compensating you
  • Gathering evidence to show the accident was the result of negligence
  • Accounting for all your compensable losses (which may include losses that do not have a clear dollar value) to determine how much compensation you should seek
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and other relevant parties for a fair payout on your behalf
  • Filing paperwork and helping with administrative tasks

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Prior to establishing his own personal injury law firm near Pompano Beach, Brian L. Elstein spent several years litigating personal injury cases at another major Florida firm. This gave him an insider’s look into the way insurance companies defend themselves in these scenarios. He now leverages the expertise he gained from this experience to represent clients like yourself. To learn more about how we can help you after a Pompano Beach slip and fall accident, schedule your free legal consultation today.

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