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Bike Accident Resources

When you go out for a bike ride, you go out with the intention of having an enjoyable time and getting some healthy recreation. Nobody goes out with the expectation of being hit by a negligent driver and needing emergency medical care or possibly even a hospital stay and extensive treatment. Nevertheless, this happens every day in the beautiful nearly tropical paradise of South Florida.

In Florida, this happens often enough that we have the highest rate of deaths while biking in the entire country. In the average year, bike deaths in Florida are nearly twice as common as anywhere else in the US. Accidents involving vehicles and bikes are extremely common in South Florida and often involve incredibly serious injuries. These injuries result in enormous medical and hospital bills and significant lost wages resulting from work missed in order to make medical appointments and treatment schedules.

Common Bike Accident Causes In South Florida

By far, the most common cause of accidents where drivers struck a bicyclist resulting in injuries, was negligence. Negligence can be either by action or inaction, this means that the cause can be from a driver doing something they shouldn’t, like drinking and driving or driving while distracted, or not doing something that they should have, like properly using headlights and turn signals, checking blind spots before merging, and yielding the right of way when required.

South Florida Bike Accident Injuries

During an accident where a cyclist is hit by a vehicle, injuries can range from mild to incredibly serious, as cyclists are quite vulnerable. The relatively minor injuries can include soft tissue damage like cuts and abrasions, and while painful, do not generally require much medical attention. The more serious injuries can include broken and fractured bones, organ damage, and even spinal injury and traumatic brain injuries. Treatment can last for weeks or months, sometimes even years, depending on the severity.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

The personal injury claims process is complex and can be overwhelming for most people, particularly when they are trying to heal from injuries and otherwise recover from a jarring accident. By working with an experienced personal injury firm like Elstein Legal means you will have the best chance possible at recovering fair compensation for your damages. Brian Elstein will fight for you every step of the way, from being your advocate during the settlement negotiations and working with the insurer, to being your legal counsel if your case needs to advance to litigation.

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