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Cruise Ship Accidents Resources

When there is all of this at your fingertips, it’s obvious why so many people take cruises, and why the industry is booming. People go to have the time of their lives, they don’t expect to have to worry about being severely injured or disfigured during their vacation. Nevertheless, people are seriously hurt every day on cruise ships in the South Florida area. The leading cause of injury on large cruise ships and other similar vessels will be negligence

If you have been injured while onboard a cruise ship, or while part of a cruise ship visiting the South Florida area, and you feel it was not your fault, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover your losses in the form of monetary compensation. There are time limits involved, so it is important that you contact a qualified South Florida cruise ship accident attorney like Brian Elstein.

Common Causes Of Injuries While On A South Florida Cruise Ship

Most people have the image of the average cruise ship is immaculate and in top form, with nothing out of place and everything in perfect order. While often people see very well-managed ships, occasionally you will be aboard one that is not as well-managed, and there will be hazards apparent, and they can create dangerous conditions for the passengers. Frequent causes of accidents include:

  • Slip and falls caused by ship movements, slippery deck surfaces, or while boarding.
  • Injuries obtained during cruise line sanctioned activities and outings
  • Assault, battery, and even rape by the crew or other passengers, made possible by lax security or other negligence
  • Foodborne illnesses from improperly handled, stored, or prepared foods
  • Communicable diseases allowed to run rampant on board

Why Is Working With Elstein Legal a Smart Move?

Many people find extreme difficulty in winning fair compensation from cruise ship accident claims because they are not leveraging legal representation that is familiar with and skilled in the practice of maritime or admiralty law and the related processes. In addition, you are going against insurers who take advantage of underrepresented victims every day. Elstein Legal will be your fierce advocate at every stage of the process. They will be your expert negotiator with the insurer, as well as your state-licensed attorney in court if you need to litigate.

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