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What You Need to Know about South Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Statistics routinely confirm that the risk of death or major injury is much higher for motorcyclists than for others. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when compared to other drivers and passengers, motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely to die in accidents.

Motorcyclists who survive accidents may still be left with debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, even if you’re a responsible motorcycle rider, you could be involved in a South Florida motorcycle accident resulting from someone else’s negligence. The injuries you sustain if this happens will likely require costly medical treatment. They may also prevent you from working, whether temporarily or permanently. Depending on their severity, they may even have a wide range of long-term impacts on your overall quality of life.

After a Motorcycle Accident

You deserve to be compensated accordingly. Because Florida uses the “no-fault” system when auto accidents occur, even if someone else is responsible for causing the accident, your own insurance company will be responsible for compensating you.

However, insurance is a business, and insurers tend to lowball claimants in an effort to pay out as little as possible. Adjusters even look for reasons to deny claims outright. You need a South Florida motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to guard against this.

Additionally, your insurance company can only compensate you up to your policy limits. The compensation they provide may not be sufficient to cover your losses. Fortunately, when a victim of a motorcycle accident sustains “serious injuries,” Florida law allows them to pursue compensation from the party whose negligence caused the accident.

This is another reason to schedule a consultation at a motorcycle accident law firm in South Florida after you’ve been injured. A Florida personal injury lawyer can help you establish that your injuries meet the criteria necessary to qualify as “serious.” Your lawyer will also have the resources needed to fully investigate your South Florida motorcycle accident, determining precisely who is liable. Finally, they’ll factor in all your losses to determine exactly how much compensation you’re entitled to.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

You need to prioritize experience when hiring a South Florida motorcycle accident attorney. You want to be confident your lawyer understands how to build the strongest case possible. Attorney Brian L. Elstein has that degree of experience. Before starting this firm, he spent years defending personal injury claims at another major Florida law firm. He now applies what he learned there to offer clients like you the aggressive representation they deserve. To learn more about how Elstein Legal can help, schedule your free consultation today.

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