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South Florida Pedestrian Accident Cases: Essential Information

Under Florida law, when a pedestrian is legally crossing a street, drivers must yield the right-of-way to them. Florida allows victims to seek compensation when drivers neglect this responsibility. Losses for which you may pursue compensation include (but are not limited to) medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Regardless, seeking compensation will require negotiating with an insurance company. You need a Florida personal injury lawyer on your side to do so effectively. Insurance companies are not inclined to pay claimants what they actually deserve, and are notorious for lowballing claimants or denying their claims entirely. By coordinating with a personal injury law firm in Florida, you’ll be far more likely to collect what you’re entitled to.

Working with an Attorney

A pedestrian accident law firm in South Florida will also have the resources necessary to investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident. This can be very important. The fact that a driver hit you doesn’t always guarantee you’re entitled to compensation. Florida also has laws regarding pedestrian behavior. If a driver claims your own negligence at least contributed to the accident occurring, you may not be able to collect as much compensation as you otherwise would.

This is the basis of comparative fault or contributory negligence statutes. Perhaps you would be entitled to $10,000 worth of compensation for your losses, but it’s determined that you were 20 percent responsible for putting yourself in harm’s way. If so, you would only be entitled to collect a maximum of $8,000.

For example, to pursue compensation in a South Florida pedestrian accident case, you need to prove you were legally crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk when you were injured. However, not all crosswalks are clearly marked. Thus, you could have been legally crossing the street when an accident occurred, but if the crosswalk wasn’t marked, the driver or an insurance company might try to argue you were actually negligent. A South Florida pedestrian accident attorney can investigate to prove that wasn’t the case by showing that you genuinely were using a legal crosswalk.

Most importantly, they’ll provide aggressive representation during a difficult time in your life. After being injured in an accident, your focus should be on making a full recovery. An attorney will handle working with the insurance companies.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Attorney Brian L. Elstein has years of experience defending claims at another major personal injury law firm in Florida. He now applies what he learned to offer his clients the representation they deserve. He’s dedicated to ensuring you collect fair compensation. To learn more, schedule your free consultation today.

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