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West Palm Beach Boat Accident Resources

Given that much of it is nearby the coast, the West Palm Beach area is a trendy spot for recreational boating. As of 2019, nearly 1 million people in Florida own boats, and boat rentals and sales remain among the state’s biggest industries. Of course, in a place with so many boats, boating accidents are relatively common and serious. Our legal team of experts has experience recovering compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Contact Elstein Legal today at (305) 299-2835 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Most Common Kinds of Boating Accidents in Florida

According to the US Coast Guard, the most common types of boating accidents in Florida that result in injury or fatality include:

  • Collisions with fixed objects
  • Water skiing
  • Capsized ships
  • Falling overboard

The majority of these boating accidents include collision with another boat or piece of property. Motorboats account for most accidents though there are sizable minorities that have been injured in canoes, kayaks, pontoons, and more. 

In the majority of these cases, a negligence claim can be made. If a boat driver acted negligently and caused the accident, the injured party might be entitled to financial compensation. To establish negligence, the court must determine that the guilty party had a reasonable duty of care in which a breach of that duty of care caused the accident and resulted in real damages to the victim.

Filing a Boat Accident Lawsuit in West Palm Beach

Unfortunately for victims, filing a boating accident lawsuit can be a complex process. Boat owners might have personal injury insurance, but it is difficult and time-consuming to file these claims, and in some cases, they will not pay for all your losses. If you have been injured on a boat owned by a larger company, then the process to file a lawsuit might be even more complicated. 

At Elstein Legal, our boat accident lawyers can help you sift through the legal technicalities to find a solution. Our attorneys have a few strategies to help build a case, including:

  • Researching to owners credentials and operator’s history
  • Interview witnesses and review accident footage
  • Consult expert witnesses
  • Look for a history of previous boating accidents/boating lawsuits
  • Review medical records and expenses of injured parties
  • And more

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Having a competent boating accident attorney on your side can mean the difference between receiving restitution for your losses and your case being dismissed. That is why it is important to quickly contact a qualified boat accident attorney who can help you put together a winning legal strategy. 

At Elstein Legal, every case is important, so we treat all our work with the utmost care and professionalism. We have a proven track record in several areas of personal injury law, including boating accidents. Call us today at (305) 299-2835 to schedule a free case evaluation

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