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West Palm Beach Dog Bites & Animal Attack Resources

Man’s best friend is not always so friendly and unfortunately, West Palm Beach dog bites are a prevalent type of injury in Florida. Florida has a high rate of dog attacks. In 2018 alone, there were more than 1,200 homeowner’s insurance claims involving a dog bite or animal attack, second only to California. Dog bites can cause serious medical issues and result in permanent, lasting damage and disfigurement. Contact Elstein Legal and consult with an animal attacks attorney for a free consultation.

Dog Bite Laws in West Palm Beach

There are several legal strategies in West Palm Beach, Florida, to determine if they are entitled to monetary compensation. Florida, in particular, has a specific code that deals with dog bites. According to Florida Code section 767.04, if you are in a public place or on someone’s property legally and their dog bites you, then they are liable for damages, regardless of the past aggressive behavior of that dog or their knowledge of past aggressions. This “dog bite” law essentially says that dog owners are strictly liable in all cases of injuries due to bites. 

The upshot is that you might be entitled to financial compensation. Suppose the owner fails to take proper precautions and their animal bites you. In that case, they are liable for damages even if they had no previous knowledge of the dog’s aggressive tendencies or if they did nothing wrong. Legally speaking, a dog is treated somewhat like a gun in that the owner is responsible for making sure that it is safely locked up and not a danger to anyone.

In West Palm Beach, Who is Liable for any Dog Bites?

In general, the dog owner is liable for any dog bites. However, other parties can also be held responsible, depending on where the dog attack happened. For example, if you are bitten in your apartment complex by an aggressive dog owned by your neighbor, the apartment complex owner may be held liable if we can show that they had knowledge about the dog. 
Most of the time, homeowners insurance and rental insurance will handle the defendant’s legal expenses to not pay for them out of pocket. As such, you should not hesitate to seek legal restitution from an animal attack attorney from Elstein Legal after suffering from a serious injury like a dog bite or animal attack.

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

Dog bites and other animal attacks can cause serious physical and emotional trauma and be a huge financial drain. If someone’s negligence is responsible for your injuries due to a dog attack, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call Elstein Legal today at (305)-299-2835 to schedule a free case evaluation

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