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Injuries happening on private property can have serious consequences and lead to lifelong problems. A West Palm Beach premises liability lawyer from Elstein Legal can help you determine the best next steps.

Premises Liability: Determining Liability in West Palm Beach

Before pursuing damages for the injuries you’ve sustained, you must first determine legal liability. While the owner of the premises does have a responsibility to keep it safe, that is not enough to determine if they are liable for any injuries that occured on their property. 

You must also consider the limitations of that liability. Even if the owner of this property is liable, they may not be solely responsible.

West Palm Beach Premises Liability Examples to Consider

If you’re unsure what constitutes as premises liability, we’ve provided a few examples:

  • Slip and fall accidents occurring as a result of inadequate or nonexistent outdoor lighting
  • Slip and fall accidents on a wet floor that lacked proper caution signage 
  • Tripping over broken/loose flooring in need of replacement
  • Tripping over an item on the floor that shouldn’t have been there

Partnering with a West Palm Beach premises liability attorney will increase your chances of reaching a fair settlement. However, time is of the essence. 

Premises Liability: Timeline of Injuries

When it comes to the law, time is always a critical factor. However, injuries occuring after an on-premises accident can be difficult. Some injuries may not become apparent until long after the accident, so keeping track of what happens after the injury is crucial. 

Keeping track of what happened will help establish a timeline and help our West Palm Beach premises liability attorneys determine the best course of action. Keeping in mind that even seemingly small injuries can lead to more significant injuries and complications down the road, it is important to establish when the injuries started. The Elstein Legal team can help you establish a timeline. 

Why Choose Elstein Legal?

In West Palm Beach, premises liability is complicated for non-lawyers to navigate. Depending on the kind of injury and where it happened, the premises owners may have a legal team to help them maneuver the legal system.

Having a West Palm Beach premises liability lawyer from Elstein Legal will give you someone on your side who knows the system. These experienced lawyers will help you determine the next best steps for the process and get you the compensation you deserve. They will make sure that  your rights are accounted for.  

Our legal team is experienced and can help you determine liability in even the most complicated of legal cases. Contact Elstein Legal today for a free case consultation.

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